About Us

God's Little Lambs Childcare Center....


Who We Are


Broward County families who need subsidized daycare wait an average of two and one-half to three years for assistance. That means there can be as many as 10,000 children in need of safe, quality, affordable daycare so their parents can work!


Gods's Little Lambs provides quality childcare in a warm, loving and nuturing learning environment. Founded in 1999 to provide daycare to homeless and very low-income families who are not receiving subsidies from the state, God's Little Lambs is a caring home away from home for more than 100 children each year. Programs include one year olds to pre-kindergarten age, plus afterschool care for school age children. Over 90% of enrolled children pay a reduced tuition which is made possible through donations from individuals, churches, and organizations who love all of God's children.


The atmosphere at God's Little Lambs is one of compassion and love. Though a comprehensive program of learning, play, worship, Bible lessons, and nutritional meals, God's Little Lambs strives to instill in our children a love of God, a sense of security, and a readiness for kindergarten that will start them on a path to break the cycle of poverty. Parents are nutured as well by offering parenting classes and weekly Bible studies for mothers.


How We Help
  • Sliding scale daycare tuition for families that qualify

  • High Quality Learning environment

  • Free hot and nutitious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack

  • Diapers donated and  supplied  by one of our community partners

  • Back to school backpacks and clothing supplied by community partners

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets supplied by community partners

Personal Testimonies

Meet Amy and Joshua

My son Elijah came to this daycare center, and I was very pleased with the way God's Little Lambs took care of him. When my son Joshua was born, I took a 6 week leave of absence, and depleted all my savings. 


I couldn't afford childcare, so I had to leave my son with relatives. This was such a stress because I was not sure how well he was being cared for. I had applied for subsidized childcare, but I was denied because my salary of $11.63 per hour was too high to qualify.  They do not consider how a single mom could cover the cost of rent, utilities, gas, insurance, etc. I did not want to go on welfare assistance. I was in dire straits and needed to stay employed to take care of both of my kids.


When I called God's Little Lambs for help, they offered me reduced tuition, but I still had a hard time paying that. So, they found some very generous ladies that donated some money towards my tuition.  


Now Joshua is very happy at school, and I can go to work without worrying about him!



Meet Tamira and Laylah

I got pregnant when I was 19 and due to circumstances at home, I had to leave my house. I moved in with my baby's father, but soon he returned to Haiti. Now I am living with my grandmother in a one room efficiency with my daughter and  I pay my grandmother $350 per month to cover our expenses.


I am going to Broward College part time, for Early Childhood Education and I am working at a fast food restaurant for about 32 hours per week.


When I went to God's Little Lambs, they reduced the  tuition for me, but I still had trouble keeping up with the payment.  When I fell behind, a generous couple paid off my past due amount and put money down on my tuition so that I could afford the low payment.


I love the teachers! They are really nice and helpful! And I love the colors too; it is so cheerful here!